2014…off to a crazy start! Hope you are checking out…


A view of Trinity Groves looking towards the beautiful downtown Dallas skyline

Wow! Hope everyone had a great holiday! I can’t believe what a fast January it has been! I am going to start publishing on this thing finally! If you know me, you know how technologically UN-savvy I am…so please be impressed. I like to think that I am pretty well traveled and certainly well fed. For these reasons I am going to try to keep you guys abreast of my fave restaurants, retail and travel locations. Watch for future updates on a regular basis hopefully!

If you haven’t already, please check out Trinity Groves! As a long time Oak Cliffer I am so pleased to have this large group of restaurants in my backyard. So far…I have been to LTO (Limited Time Only), Casa Rubia, Chino (asian-latin fusion) and Resto. All have been impressive but some are still working out the kinks. Amberjax and Suk have also opened but I have yet to go.  That said, what a great view of downtown and how refreshing to be somewhere other than McKinney Ave! Oak Cliff is on fire, so the parking can be a bit crazy. Don’t waste your time trying to park up front. Head to the Northern and western sides to find large clean lots and plenty of room.

Sylvan 30 is going up quickly and I am sure will be equally as impressive. Can’t wait to find out what new restaurants and retailers will be joining the Oak Cliff family and expanding on the amenities in such a cool neighborhood!

Happy 2014!

Matthew Taylor

http://www.trinitygroves.com/  (Just west of the Trinity River on Singleton Blvd, between Gulden Lane and Herbert St.)




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